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【Battery FlexibleArm】3.5W×2LED(LED-265)

Item No. LED-265
Description 3.5W×2
Battery LED Sensor Light
with Flexible Arm
Quantity per Inner Carton/Outer Carton  - / 6
Package / Size of Package (mm) Box / W290×H145×D145
Body Size(mm) / Weight(g) W280×H153×D176 / 530g
Size of Solar Panel (mm)  -
JAN Code 4954849532658
Power Input Battery
Size D Battery × 3
Battery Life (Battery Type)
*10 times ON/day Number of Light ON (Solar Type)
*With Full Charge
Approx 420 days
(5seconds ON per one time)
Bulb Bulb Capacity 3.5W×2
Type of Bulb LED
Total Luminous Flux (lm) 600
Equal to
Incandescent Lamp 100W
Item No. of Bulb  -
Movement Range of Light Part Body : Right and Left 80°,
Up and Down 80°/
Light : Up and Down 270°,
Forward and Backward 140°
Sensor Detection Range (MAX) 140°
Detection Length (MAX) 6m
Movement Range of Sensor Part Right and Left 160°each, Up and Down 30°each
Area Mask  -
Lighting Time Adjustment 5 sec/20 sec/20 sec blink
Day/Night Adjustment
Sensitivity Adjustment  -
Cord Length (Cord Length to Solar Panel)  -
Installation Screws
Clamp ◯  L Rod
Band (SP-7)
Other Functions Rainproof
Chime/Alarm Attachable(Optional)  -
LED Blinks during Stand-by Mode ◯ (Sensor Part)
Flash Mode (One Step Switch) ◯ 
Gradually Light OFF  -
3 Mode Change  -
Stays ON, Floodlight Mode  -
All-night Lighting Mode  -
Faint Lighting Mode  -
LED Indication of Battery Change ◯ 
LED Indication of Charge Shortage  -
Warm White Lens  -

【Battery FlexibleArm】3.5W×2LED(LED-265)


6,926円 (税込 7,619円)