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【Battery FlexibleArm】1.3W×1LED(LED-115)

Item No. LED-115
Description 1.3W×1
Battery LED Sensor Light
with Flexible Arm
Quantity per Inner Carton/Outer Carton  - / 12
Package / Size of Package (mm) Box / W175×H145×D100
Body Size(mm) / Weight(g) W88×H135×D156 / 280g
Size of Solar Panel (mm)  -
JAN Code 4954849531156
Power Input Battery
Size AA Battery × 3
Battery Life (Battery Type)
*10 times ON/day Number of Light ON (Solar Type)
*With Full Charge
Approx 180 days
(10seconds ON per one time)
Bulb Bulb Capacity 1.3W
Type of Bulb LED
Total Luminous Flux (lm) 110
Equal to
Incandescent Lamp 15W
Item No. of Bulb  -
Movement Range of Light Part Right and Left 80°
Up and Down 80°
Sensor Detection Range (MAX) 140°
Detection Length (MAX) 6m
Movement Range of Sensor Part Right and Left 160°each, Up and Down 30°each
Area Mask  -
Lighting Time Adjustment 10 Seconds
Day/Night Adjustment  -
Sensitivity Adjustment  -
Cord Length (Cord Length to Solar Panel)  -
Installation Screws
Clamp ◯  Optional : SP-5
Band (SP-7)
Other Functions Rainproof
Chime/Alarm Attachable(Optional)  -
LED Blinks during Stand-by Mode ◯ (Sensor Part)
Flash Mode (One Step Switch)  -
Gradually Light OFF  -
3 Mode Change  -
Stays ON, Floodlight Mode  -
All-night Lighting Mode  -
Faint Lighting Mode  -
LED Indication of Battery Change  -
LED Indication of Charge Shortage  -
Warm White Lens  -

【Battery FlexibleArm】1.3W×1LED(LED-115)


4,148円 (税込 4,563円)