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【AC】8W×2 LED Sensor Light with Camera(C-AC8160)

CAC8160 top image
Item No. C-AC8160
Description 8W×2 Sensor Light with Camera
JAN Code 4954849481604
Body Size(mm) / Weight(g) W295×H146×D132 / 860g
Power-supply voltage AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 18W(Standby power 3W or less)
Bulb High-luminance white 8W×2 LED 1500 lm *LED bulb is NOT replaceable.
Sensor Detecting Method Passive Infrared Sensor
Detext Range 140°Maximum 8m
Lighting time 5sec - 5minutes
Day/Night Change Day (Lights regardless of the surroundings, bright or dark)
Night (Lights only when the surroundings are dark)
Number of effective pixels 920,000 pixels HD (1280 × 720p)
Camera shooting range Horizontal 65 °, 6 m (Starts recording by sensor detection regardless of day and night)
Image file format AVI (movies only, no sound)
Recording Time Max. 60 seconds per file (Next file is created when the detection time exceeds 60 seconds)
Recording Media SDHC card, compatible 4 GB to 32 GB, FAT32 format
Supplied card Micro SDHC card 8GB (Micro SD card adapter included) Continuous playback time, recordable 1.5 hours *1 (60 seconds movie data × 90 times)*In continuous use, the files are overwritten from the oldest.
Night light selector switch ON/OFF (Repeat every night at 10% brightness of normal lighting)
Cord Length 3m
Installing Place Indoor / Outdoor (Rainproof IP44)
  • Screw×2
  • Plastic plug×2
  • Clamp×1
  • Butterifly Nut×1
  • L Rod×1
  • Screw Cap×1
  • SD card(8GB)×1
  • Micro SD card adapter×1
  • Extension arm set×1

【AC】8W×2 LED Sensor Light with Camera(C-AC8160)


39,800円 (税込 43,780円)